50–80% of women report back pain during pregnancy.

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During this special time, Chiropractic plays an important role in the care of women both during and after pregnancy. Chiropractic offers demonstrated relief for many of the specific health challenges affecting women, helping the body operate at its optimal performance1.

Increased pressure on the spine and pelvis cause by the weight of the growing baby, combined with hormonal joint changes mean a woman’s back is particularly vulnerable to sprains and strains during pregnancy. Approximately 70% of women will, at some time in their lives, report lower back pain. And during pregnancy, while 50-80% of women have reported back pain, one third of pregnant women claim this low back pain is a significant problem2. Common postural problems affecting pregnant women and mums included rotated or uneven hips, forward head posture, an abnormal curve at the neck (increased Kyphosis) and forward tilt of the pelvis (increased Lordosis).

The process of childbirth itself places great stress on the spine and pelvis, and their supporting muscles and ligaments. After birth, there is then the added strain on the back, neck and shoulders whilst nursing, feeding and caring for an infant.

Chiropractic helps mothers before and after birth by correcting abnormal joint mechanics that lead to joint and nerve stress. This reduces pain and improving balance and function as the body adapts to increased weight and altered posture.

Your Chiropractor can also advise on home care, feeding posture and ergonomic advice to assist with recovery and prevent injury.

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